TENSO Network – The European network for professional chamber choirs is looking for a project coordinator for CONNECT, a project supported by the European Community.

With the CONNECT project, we aim to question and promote positive change in the working culture of choirs, providing meaningful training opportunities for young professional singers and conductors, and fulfilling the choirs’ potential to have a bigger impact in society as professional communicators. A key part of CONNECT will be the internships for young singers and conductors, where they will experience the working life of the top European professional choirs while reflecting together with the organizations about what motivates them. In parallel, we will develop a series of online courses for choral musicians with themes like digital connection, leadership, and connection to society. Furthermore, CONNECT includes two hands-on international conferences – MERGE and TRAMPOLINE. Showcasing the artistic results of a choir workshop that joins together the singers and conductors supported in these two years, CONNECT will culminate in a celebratory event.

The duration of CONNECT is two years. For this project, we are looking for a project coordinator. As a project coordinator, you will be responsible for the realization of CONNECT. You will be leading the program from an organizational and administrative perspective, including managing the project budget and coordinating and producing activities within the project. You are the point of contact for young singers and conductors, as well as for the business and artistic directors of the participating choirs.

We are looking for someone with knowledge of:

• Managing incoming and outgoing invoices.
• Managing project budgets.
• Drafting financial and substantive reports for EU culture grants.
• Maintaining relationships with project partners.
• Drafting business contracts and agreements for freelancers and collaborators.

Who are we looking for?

• You have an affinity for (choir) music and cultural education.
• You can work independently.
• You enjoy bringing structure.
• You are well informed about the procedures regarding EU culture applications.
• You are good with numbers and in maintaining relationships.
• Experience as a business manager (preferably in the cultural sector) is a plus.

What do we offer?

• A competitive fee as a freelancer.
• A lot of flexibility and freedom, both in terms of workplace and working hours.
• An inspiring network.

Are you interested in this position?

Send your resume and cover letter to Olivier Enguehard, o.enguehard@musicatreize.org , before February 1, 2024.

Do you have questions regarding this vacancy?

Send an email to tido.visser@nederlandskamerkoor.nl