Zoltán Kodály
„Laudes Organi” for choir and organ

Kimmo Pohjonen
Vabadus („Freedom”) for choir and accordion (premiere)

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion)
Kadri Toomoja (organ)
Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste


The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir is celebrating its 40th birthday with a big concert offering surprises and novelties. The choir together with its founder and Chief Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste will present a programme combining the ancient and the experimental and the different sound worlds of the human voice, the organ and the accordion.
The concert includes the premiere of Vabadus (‘Freedom’), a three-part piece for choir and accordion that Kimmo Pohjonen, one of Finland’s most avant-garde musicians has written for the choir’s birthday. Ancient sounds and primeval rhythms create a powerful message about the need for peace and freedom. The author will join the choir with virtuoso solos on his accordion. The second piece is Laudes Organ by Zoltán Kodály, one of Hungary’s best-known composers, with Kadri Toomoja on the organ. The combination of the choir and organ will add to the celebratory atmosphere of the occasion.
The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir was born out of a dream. It has grown with Estonian music and the past decades have taken it to the top of the world’s professional classical music. The founder Tõnu Kaljuste and Chief Conductors Paul Hillier, Daniel Reuss and Kaspars Putniņš have been the choir’s pathfinders on this journey, and the great visionaries Veljo Tormis and Arvo Pärt and many other composers have provided the inspiration. Apart from concerts in Estonia the choir has toured extensively from Australia to Mexico and from America to Asia, where they have teamed up with their great friends in the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and many other superb orchestras and guest conductors. Composers, musicians and listeners have helped to pack the forty years with unique and unforgettable events. The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir is inviting you to join them on this fascinating musical journey.

The booklet of the concert: EFK40