Musical performance Whirling Realms
Inspired by the work of Veljo Tormis

Liisi Koikson
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Music director and conductor: Kaspar Putniņš
Directed by Teet Kask
Extended reverberation room: Sander Mölder, Ülo Krigul
Visuals: Taavi Varm

We celebrate Veljo Tormis’ 90th birthday with a musical performance based on the composer’s vocal miniatures and choral works. The best-known works by Tormis for solo voice, choir and electronics seem to frame a person’s life cycle and the change of seasons.

In cooperation with Eesti Kontsert

Broadcasted by the Classic Radio of the Estonian Public Broadcasting, 24 September, sound engineers Siim Mäesalu, Andres Olema and Anton Ventsel, editor Lisete Velt.