Jonathan Harvey (1939–2012) “Mortuous plango, vivos voco” for electronics (1980)
Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes (1977) / Text Mahmoud Darwish „To my end and to its end“ for mixed choir (2017, premiere)
György Ligeti (1923–2006) “Lux aeterna” for mixed choir a cappella (1966)
Evelin Seppar (1986) “Поля ли мои, поля” / “Põllud, mu põllud” for mixed choir (2016, premiere)
Salvatore Sciarrino (1947) “Responsorio delle tenebre” (2001)
Mirjam Tally (1976) / text Kristiina Ehin, translation Ilmar Lehtpere “Land of Tree Worshippers” / “Puudekummardajate maa” (2015)



Twilight is the ambivalence between light and darkness. This metaphore is about the light of spirituality. Twilight is important because this is a state of great potential and the beginning of appearance.

At the Estonian Music Days, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir will perform choral works by the most renowned Estonian female composers: New works by Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes and Evelin Seppar as well as Mirjam Tally’s nature-inspired work “The Land of Tree Worshippers”. Additionally, the EPCC will perform choral music by György Ligeti, Salvatore Sciarrino and Jonathan Harvey. Kaspars Putniņš, the chief conductor of the EPCC, will conduct the programme.

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Conductor Kaspars Putniņš

In collaboration with Estonian Music Days
6–13 April 2017 “Through dimness”

The broadcast by the Estonian Classic Radio.