Malin Christensson (soprano, Sweden)

Thomas Walker (tenor, Great Britain)

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Estonian State Symphony Orchestra


Conductor Daniel Reuss


Narrator Aarne Üksküla


Georg Friedrich Händel
1685 - 1759

From oratorio "Saul” (HWV 53)
No.1, chorus "How excellent”
No.5, chorus "Halleluja”
No.11, soprano aria "What abject thoughts”
No.13, tenor aria "Birth and fortune”

From oratorio "Solomon” (HWV 67)
No.23, chorus "From the censer”
No.12, soprano aria "Blessed the day”
No.54, tenor aria "Golden columns”
No.58, soprano aria "Will the sun forget”

From oratorio "Semele” (HWV 58)
Tenor aria ”Where er you walk”

From oratorio "Solomon”
No. 22, chorus "May no rash intruder”
No. 42, orchestra "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”

From oratorio "Theodora” (HWV 68)
Chorus "Venus laughing from the skies”

From oratorio "Jephta” (HWV 70)
Recitative "Horror confusion”
Tenor aria "Open thy marble jaws”
Chorus "Are thy decrees”
Tenor aria "Waft her angels through the skies”

From opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto” (HWV 17)
No. 5, soprano aria "Adoro pupille”

From oratorio "Hercules” (HWV 60)
Chorus "Crown with festal pomp the day”


The concert is produced by Eesti Kontsert