Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Tallinn Chamber Orchestra


Choreographer Tiina Lindfors (Finland)

Costumes Erika Turunen (Finland)

Light artist Esa Kyllönen (Finland)

Dance Theatre ERI (Finland): Toni Laakonen, Tiina Lindfors, Dmitri Pimonov, Hanna-Kaisa Rajala, Lassi Sairela, Eeva Soini, Helena Romppanen

The internationally acknowledged Finnish Dance Theatre ERI has been inspired by the theme of the Last Supper to create an illustration of the Passion of Christ. Arvo Pärt's religious musical pieces 'Mein Weg', 'Da pacem Domine', 'In principio', 'Festina Lente', 'Cantus' and 'Passio', Tiina Lindfors's choreography and Esa Kyllönen's light art create a unique dancing performance premiered in April 2011 in Turku Cathedral in the program of Turku European Capital 2011.

"My aim is to connect Easter events, including Jesus Christ's life story, the young prophet's goal and dimension which we became aware of in connection with his death to the present moment. Crucification was the revenge of midgets fearing to lose their power and at the same time the triumph of humankind through the tragic sacrifice. I have intentionally avoided the realistic linear approach to Easter events and headed for a more spiritual and symbolic handling as symbols tell the story better than tangible signs. Despite my emphasis on the enigmatic and sacred immaterial consciousness without connecting the action to certain persons, the story still remains clear."

Tiina Lindfors

The show is included into the program on Arvo Pärt's advice.


The concert is produced by Nargen Festival