New works for choir and electronics

Sina Fallahzadeh (Iran)
Adrien Trybucki (France)
Rodrigo Sigal (Mexico)
Maria Kõrvits (Estonia)
Marianna Liik (Estonia)
Ülo Krigul (Estonia)
Computer music designer Carlo Laurenzi (IRCAM)
Sound engineer Sylvain Cadars (France)

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Conductor Kaspars Putniņš


We are ON THE THRESHOLD of an international contemporary music event where ideas seeded two years ago come to fruition and six new works for choir and electronics will be premiered.

ON THE THRESHOLD are composers from different cultural spaces who touch the interfaces and boundaries of vocal and electronics. In their creation, they look for the delicate and fragile state that characterises the transition and transformation from one space to another i.e. being ON THE THRESHOLD. There is an air of unknowing and anxiety of novelty that is born in the vibrating space of expectation when you are ON THE THRESHOLD where an idea is moving from concept into reality.

The concert is prepared in collaboration with the Institute of Acoustics and Music Research and Coordination, IRCAM, a unique institution in the world for researching and experimenting with new music technology. The concert is a part of the European Union's ULYSSES 2 program.