Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kuressaare St Laurence Church




Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Conductor Paul Hillier


Concert for the Kuressaare Chamber Music Days 2005



Anonymus - Te deum

Cyrillus Kreek:

- Happy is the Man (Songs of David)

- Psalm 141, Lord, I call to Thee…( Songs of David)


Anonymus - Laude novella

Anonymus - Virgo plena gratie

Anonymus - Beata viscera


Cyrillus Kreek, Religious Folk Songs:

- Little Bird has no Worries

- Awake, my Heart

- Dear Jesus, I call to Thee

- I want to lLeave Behind

- Jesus is the Highest

* * *

Perotinus - Sederunt principes

Orthodox melody – Evening Service


Cyrillus Kreek:

- Psalm 137, On the banks of the river Babel… (Religious Folk Songs)

- I come from up high (Religious Folk Songs)

- I praise alone (Religious Folk Songs)

- Psalm 121, Not during the Day… (Songs of David)

- Psalm 104, Praise, my Soul… (Songs of David)