Dedicated to Veljo Tormis 85th jubilee


Screenwriter and director Margus Kasterpalu
Designer Iir Hermeliin
Video artist Taavi Varm
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Conductor Heli Jürgenson


1. Fairy tale „The Sun, the moon and the stars”; Veljo Tormis –St John’s day songs
2. Fairy tale „An orphan’s hand mill”; Veljo Tormis – Singer’s childhood; Hand mill game; Songs learned at weddings
3. Fairy tale „Mighty crab and greedy woman”; Veljo Tormis – Songs of the ancient sea; Cursing the squires; Singer’s childhood
4. Fairy tale „Plague with a wooden leg”; Veljo Tormis – Curse upon iron
5. Fairy tale „How clouds were born”; Veljo Tormis - St John’s day songs


EPCC educational project for Russian school students in Eastern Estonia.

In the contemporary concert-performance music and film form an enthralling story, which gives a picture about the Estonian culture, its nature and people, but also expresses the very essence of the human nature.

The concert-performance “Five Estonian fairy tales” consists of choral works by Estonian composer Veljo Tormis (b. 1930), Estonian fairy tales and video.
The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir performs music Veljo Tormis in a live performance synchronized with film, which is made of 5 videos based on Estonian fairy tales.


The concert belongs to the programme of Music Year 2015 in Estonia.