Veljo Tormis   - Laulusild

Jean Sibelius - Rakastava

    Soloists: Iris Oja, Aarne Talvik

Cyrillus Kreek - Sirisege, sirbikesed
- Maga, maga, Matsikene

- Mis sa sirised, sirtsukene?

Veljo Tormis   - The Bishop and the Pagan


I n t e r m i s s i o n

Erik Bergman  - Lapponia op 76

    Soloists: Iris Oja, Allan Vurma

Veljo Tormis   - St John's Day Songs


Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Conductor Paul Hillier


The concert is free!


The concert is transferred by the Estonian Classic Radio to the members of Euroradio. In addition to the neighbour states of Estonia this concert could be listened by millions of people in Serbia, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, the USA etc.

In cooperation with the company Harmonia Mundi the same program will be recorded on the CD.