Nino Janjgava (*1964)
“17 Aliluias” op. 44: 1–4 (2009)

Galina Grigorjeva (*1962)
“Nоx Vitae” (2010/2011)
I Nocturno 
II Романс без музыки 
III Падает снег 


Nino Janjgava
“17 Aliluias” op. 44: 5–8

Lera Auerbach (*1973)
Psalm 130 op. 44 (1999)
Solistid Annika Ilus ja Marianne Pärna
“Lullaby” / “Hällilaul” op. 66 (2002)
Soloists Ülle Tuisk and Maarja Helstein

Psalm 23 op. 42 (1999)
Soloists: Raul Mikson, Annika Ilus and Marianne Pärna


Nino Janjgava
“17 Aliluias” op. 44: 15, 11, 16, 17


Roxanna Panufnik (*1968)
“Wild Ways” (2007)
I Crazy Cloud
II Love Song 
III Autumn Night 

Soloists Ülle Tuisk and Rainer Vilu


Conrad Steinmann (aulos, recorders)
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Conductor Paul Hillier



Paul Hillier is one of the most authoritative, diverse and characteristic professionals in different vocal arts all over the world. As a boy, he was a chorister at St Paul's Cathedral in London and in the Queen's Chapel Royal at the Windsor Castle. Now he is one of the best at all of his occupations, which include – conductor, singer, music researcher and writer, professor and the founder and music director of world famous vocal groups (Hilliard Ensemble in the past and Theatre of Voices now).

Among other Hillier's achievements, there is also working a period with Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, which led to winning the Grammy award together in 2007. At the moment, Hillier is also the principal conductor of Ars Nova Copenhagen and the National Chamber Choir of Ireland. Hillier's concerts are special for their immensely versatile and thought-out repertoire, also specializing both in early and recent music. He has worked in close cooperation with Arvo Pärt (he is the author of one of the most important monographs about Pärt) and also with Steve Reich. This set is also unique – it includes the work of composers related to Georgia and Crimea.


Koostöös Eesti Kontserdiga

Tickets 10-15 € at Piletilevi and Piletimaailm

Broadcast by the Estonian Classic Radio: 25.03 at Niguliste Church, Tallinn.