Friday, August 25 2006 at 7 pm

St. Michael's Swedish Lutheran Church in Tallinn


Guillaume Dufay - Gloria (for wind ensemble)

Anton Bruckner:

Locus iste

Mass no 2 in E minor: Kyrie & Gloria

Virga Jesse floruit

Mass no 2 in E minor: Credo

Christus factus est

Arvo Pärt - Fratres (for wind ensemble)

Anton Bruckner:

Mass no 2 in E minor: Sanctus & Benedictus

Ave Maria

Mass no 2 in E minor: Agnus Dei


Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Swedish Wind Ensemble



Tickets are available at the ticket offices of the Estonia Concert Hall, ticket offices of the Piletimaailm and a hour prior to concert at the concert venue.


Swedish Wind Ensemble