Photo: Herkki-Erich Merila

Kaido Janke (tenor) graduated in choir conducting and music pedagogy speciality from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 1994. After his concerts at the World Youth Choir, under the direction of Tõnu Kaljuste, he joined the EPCC in 1992. Kaido has sung in many choirs and ensembles, including Studio Vocale and the Estonian National Male Choir, where he worked as a choir master. Kaido has conducted several ensembles, such as the Estonian Mixed Choir in Brussels and Lehtse Chamber Choir, the European Estonian Mixed Choir and the Sinfonietta of Järvamaa.

Kaido is the leader of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir male quartet, which was established in 2012. Besides singing, Kaido has worked as and editor and choir master in the choir’s management team. Moreover, he has a keen ear to tune pipe organs and arrange music for different casts.

One of Kaido’s long-time passions has also been engraving; he edits scores (Theatre Of Voices Edition, Toivo Tulev etc). For instance, Kaido has had a long relationship with the composer Galina Grigorjeva, who appreciates Kaido’s work, mentioning him even as a co-writer of her compositions.