Photo: Herkki-Erich Merila

Esper Linnamägi (managing director) comes from Tartu. Music became a part of his life while studying at the 7th School in Tartu and singing for years in the Boys’ Choir.

Esper graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. He received a bachelor’s degree in singing under Professor Teo Maiste. He received a master’s degree in cultural management at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and in management of digital transformation in a company at Tallinn University of Technology. Between the years 2013 and 2015 he progressed with his studies by taking advanced courses in culture management at the DeVos Institute in the Kennedy Centre, and at Maryland University in Washington DC, under the guidance of Michael M. Kaiser and Brett Egan.

Esper joined the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir while he was studying singing in 1997. He worked both as a singer and a producer. He took a short detour when he secured the post of managing director of the Estonian National Male Choir in 2006. Since 2011 Esper has been the managing director of the EPCC.