Release: November 2018
Catalogue No: CYP4652
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Risto Joost (conductor)

Jean-Paul Dessy (1963)

1. Requiems: I. Breath Becoming Aum
2. Requiems: II. Asato ma sat gamaya
3. Requiems: III. Lâ Ilâha Illâ Lhâh
4. Requiems: IV. Yit’-Gadal
5. Requiems: V. Aun dwashmaya
6. Requiems: VI. Ego eimi
7. Requiems: VII. Requiem aeternam

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Risto Joost

Pieces for cello solo

8. Semper gaudete
9. Isaïe

Jean-Paul Dessy (cello)


A FUNERARY RITUAL THAT INVITES US TO ENTER INTO ETERNITY Requiems is a funerary ritual that, in the course of six traditions and sacred languages, invites us to enter into eternity. The Requiems are an invitation, an introduction to rest, to the intangible peace that inhabits the depths of life. A Requiem ought to help us go beyond thought and enter into the rest of the non-mental. Is there a sound, a frequency, a rhythm, a voice that might help us live this? Such could be the function of a Requiem: those who listen to it, by the grace of sound, would enter into this non-space-time, this non-mental and would thus be in communion with the one or with those who have just given their last breath. This album is released simultaneously with Requiem by Jean-Yves Leloup published by Éditions du Relié (October 29th 2018).


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