Musical performance Whirling Realms
Inspired by the work of Veljo Tormis

Liisi Koikson
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Music director and conductor: Kaspar Putniņš
Directed by Teet Kask
Extended reverberation room: Sander Mölder, Ülo Krigul
Visuals: Taavi Varm

We celebrate Veljo Tormis’ 90th birthday with a musical performance based on the composer’s vocal miniatures and choral works. The best-known works by Tormis for solo voice, choir and electronics seem to frame a person’s life cycle and the change of seasons.

In cooperation with Eesti Kontsert

Broadcasted by Classic Radio, sound engineers Siim Mäesalu, Andres Olema and Anton Ventsel,  editor Lisete Velt.