"Joonas" (Jonah)

Mirjam Mesak (soprano)
Kai Rüütel-Pajula (mezzo-soprano)
Mati Turi (tenor)
Taavi Tampuu (bariton)
Raiko Raalik (bass, Estonian National Opera)

Chorus mysticus:
Maria Listra (sopran0)
Kadri Tegelmann (mezzo-soprano)
Endrik Üksvärav (tenor)
Tamar Nugis (bass, Estonian National Opera)

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste


The oratio Jonah is one of the pillars of Estonian music. Its symbols are from the Old Testament but have also come to us through various epics. Jonah shows to people what is important – laws of nature and common sense. He is at times cross and critical and he reproaches people for one thing or another, just as we see in modern society. Jonah lamented a scarcity of believers, a shortage of people who wished to do something meaningful. The same scarcity is around us at present and resonates with us.

We will celebrate the 150th birthday of Rudolf Tobias with the music of Jonah as he originally wrote it. The lyrics are in Estonian, copied from the original by Tobias’ daughter Silvia Tobias. The composer’s wish to have the oratorio performed in Estonian in Estonia was confirmed by the draft libretto that Tobias had written in Estonian that we found a few years ago in a suitcase that Silvia Tobias had left behind in Estonia.

There will be more than a hundred singers and orchestra members on the stage, which is a massive cast in works by Estonian composers. The oratorio will be performed under the baton of Tõnu Kaljuste, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra.

Concert is with one intermission and lasts ca 2:30

The producers: Tallinn Philharmonic Society and Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir.