Eyes of the Beholder

Malle Maltis (*1977)
Night Frost for symphony orchestra and electronics (2020, premiere)

Kristjan Kõrver (*1976)
Sic! for symphony orchestra (2020, premiere)

Evelin Seppar (*1986)
Home for chamber choir and symphony orchestra (2020, premiere)

Alisson Kruusmaa (*1992)
Under the Evening Sky for chamber choir and symphony orchestra (2020, premiere)

Mariliis Valkonen (*1981)
Acceptance, Mediation for two oboes and singing bowls (2019, premiere)

Jievaras Jasinskis (*1989, Lithuania)
Change (2020)

Krists Auznieks (*1992, Latvia)
Crossing (2019)

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Heli Ernits – oboe
Ingely Laiv-Järvi – oboe
Tammo Sumera – electronics
Conductor Mihhail Gerts

It is the peak of the Estonian Music Days at the Estonia Concert Hall. The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and soloists under the baton of young conductor Mihhail Gerts will perform a chamber opus by Mariliis Valkonen; an overture-like composition by Kristjan Kõrver; music by Malle Maltis combining symphonic orchestra with electronics; pieces for chamber choir and symphonic orchestra by Evelin Seppar and Alisson Kruusmaa; and contemporary Latvian and Lithuanian music. Although the compositions of the Estonian composers were written for the previous Estonian Music Days, life has made its own adjustments to our plans. Hence, the audience will be able to enjoy them this year, marked by the expansion of the Estonian Music Days into the Baltic Music Days.

The winner of the new music award “LHV Au-tasu 2021” will be announced at the concert.

In cooperation with Baltic Music Days / Estonian Music Days