„Water itself“ for mixed choir and fonogram (2015)

ARVO PÄRT (1935)
„Magnificat” (1989)
„Zwei Beter“ (1998)

„Nunc dimitis“ (2001)
„Dopo la vittoria“ (1996/1998)


„Lines” for chamber choir and electronics (2017, Belgian premiere, commissioned by Flagey in the framework of ULYSSES)
Liisa Hirsch (electronics)

VELJO TORMIS (1930-2017)
„St John’s Day Songs“ (1967) V part of the cycle "Estonian Calendar Songs"
1. Call to the Midsummer Bonfire I
2. Call to the Midsummer Bonfire II
3. Can't be Caught by a Gun
4. Why St. John is Awaited
5. St. John's Steed
6. Fire Spell
7. St. John's Song

„Curse Upon Iron“ for tenor, bass, mixed choir, shaman drum (1972)
Soloists: Toomas Tohert (tenor), Olari Viikholm (bass), Kaido Janke (shaman drum)


Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Conductor Kaspars Putninš


The EPCC introduces the best of Estonian choral music to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Republic.
The second concert at the Arvo Pärt Weekend is dedicated to the a cappella choir music, conducted by the chief conductor of the EPCC Kaspars Putninš. The programme includes masterpieces by the most famous Estonian composers such as Arvo Pärt and Veljo Tormis, but also introduces new works by the younger generation from the country.


The concert is produced by the Flagey Concert Hall