Kultuurikatla Black Box opened the doors to a rare combination of guitars’ sounds and choral voices. The public, expectant for this encounter, filled the room of the stony industrial building and at this moment, still unaware that the night would turn into divine magic and simply unforgettable.


The twenty-six elements of The Estonian Philarmonic Chamber Choir were the first to enter the stage. The leader of the night was their conductor Kaspars Putnins. They were a permanent presence in this smooth and potent conceptual journey.


Coming behind them was the Weekend Guitar Trio, who stepped in and gently became ready to perform ‘This night was long’ written by Robert Jüjendal (1966). The interpretation was remarkable – profound choral expressions combined with mysterious and sophisticated sounds of the Jürjendal, Leemets and Soo Trio. The hearts surrendered to its spell and felt surprised by the supreme beauty!


Andre Maaker was the second guitarist that accompanied the choir, to present a premier ‘Do I find you?’ by Sven Grünberg (1956). The vocals showed their powerful tones and Maaker expressed his flamenco through precise techniques and unique arrangements. The heart continued under this spell and established an intimate connection with such subtle charm and passionate sounds.

‘Less quiet than quieter’, Raul Sööt (1969), was interestingly played by Ain Agan and Paul Daniel with their guitars, soprano Annika Lõhmus and the ensemble. The silence became astonishingly creative, serene and harmonious. Once again, the heart melted with such uniqueness and refined musical chemistry.


First, Marzi Nyman marked his presence by his funky look, red suit and humorous presence. He came onto the stage to performe, together with the Chamber Choir, two texts of Estonian folk tradition adapted by Tauno Aints (1975). They described evil, Kurat, through intensive guitar accords and mixed voices. The sounds were powerful, boiling in excitement and often scary.


Then, through throat singing a group of male voices allowed the magical words of healing to be pronounced. The serenity, the sacredness and hope returned into the room in gentle rocky jazz tunes from the electric guitar.


The public was very impressed and enchanted by the magnetized performances of tonight. It was a pleasure to testify the versatility of guitars’ sounds and voices. The applauses were rich and invited all musicians to return onto the stage to perform one more piece ‘We thank you yesterday, today and tomorrow’. Absolutely stunning, extraordinary joy, a cultural celebration beyond sound and voice.

Marzi Nyman (Finland), Andre Maaker, Ain Agan, Paul Daniel, Weekend Guitar Trio & Estonian Philarmonic Chamber Choir, Dirigent Kaspars Putnins


Saturday 3rd December 2016, 6.30 pm at Kultuurikatla Black Box (Tallinn)


Marzi Nyman (Guitar)
Andre Maaker (Guitar)
Ain Agan (Fretless Guitar)
Paul Daniel (Eletric Guitar)
Weekend Guitar Trio: Robert Jürjendal (Electric Guitar), Tõnis Leemets (Electric Guitar) and Mart Soo (Electric Guitar)
Eesti Philarmonic Chamber Choir
Dirigent Kaspars Putnins