On 27, 29 and 30 October at the Niguliste Church in Tallinn a new production „Danse Macabre“ by Gregory Rose will be premiered. The music piece is inspired by the famous painting „Danse macabre“ by Bernt Notke.

The performers are Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and a chamber-ensemble under the author and conductor Gregory Rose. The stage director is Margus Kasterpalu.


Notke’s „Danse Macabre“ is a series of paintings of Death taunting the Pope, Emperor, Empress, Cardinal, King and Bishop, with texts in medieval German at the base of each picture, which have been used for the principal singers. The music piece consists of solo arias, choruses and dances and will last around 60 minutes.  The chorus will sing the complete Latin Requiem. The piece features 6 principal singers, a small band of 13 players, and chorus. Light design is included.