Estonian Phiharmonic Chamber Choir performs a program “Arvo Pärt & Ars Antiqua” in 9 May at 19.00 in Haapsalu Dome Church in Estonia, in 10 May at 19.00 in Niguliste Church in Tallinn and in 15 May at 20.00 in De Bijloke Muziekcentrum in Gent. The conductor is Paul Hillier.


The program consists of the productions by Arvo Pärt and early music. Paul Hillier has said: “Pärt’s tintinnabuli technique was developed very much under the influence of Gregorian chant and early polyphony, and so this program serves to illustrate that connection. But most important of all, the early music is there to provide a fitting contrast with Pärt’s music; it is there because of its own intrinsic beauty.”
The programme includes “Magnificat”, “7 Magnificat-antifonen”, “Triodion” ja “Nunc dimittis” by Pärt and creation by the leaders of the Notre Dame school Perotin and Leonin etc.


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