LEPO SUMERA (1950–2000, Estonia)
“Concerto per voci e strumenti” for mixed choir and string orchestra (1997)

GALINA GRIGORJEVA (b. 1962, Estonia)
“Tsaarinna Jevdokia nunnaks pühitsemise laul” / “Song on the Occasion of Czarina Yevdokia Taking the Veil” for string orchestra (2002)

DAVID FENNESSY (b. 1976, Ireland)
“Hirta Rounds” for 16 strings (2015/2016)

TÍMEA MAŠČÁKOVÁ (b. 1998, Slovakia)
“Nezábudka” / “Forget-me-not” for choir and string orchestra (2018)

RUTA PAIDERE (b. 1977, Latvia)
“Tempera” for string orchestra (2012)

TARMO LEPIK (1946–2001, Estonia)
“Hälli maailm” / “Cradle’s World” for soprano, alto and mixed choir (1980)

ESTER MÄGI (b. 1922, Estonia)
“Mõtisklused” / “Meditations” for mixed choir (1978)


Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Kaspar Mänd


Presented by Estonian Music Days and ISCM


Being a country known for its active contemporary music scene and compact infrastructure, Estonia with its capital Tallinn is honoured to organize the prestigious annual contemporary music festival initated by the International Society for Contemporary Music.

The festival hosts hundreds of professional musicians and presents the freshest and most exciting new music in 2019, including music performed by groups of different sizes and nature, soloists presenting different instruments, as well as sounds from different acoustical and electronic sources.

We consider important to include projects of interdisciplinary nature in the programme, such as contemporary art, dance, theatre, visual disciplines.

Venues vary from black boxes to concert halls with capacity of 200–900, including also art galleries and museums, public spaces and places for site specific art.

Being a small scale country with vibrant culture life, Estonia is a perfect place to visit.