Music by ARVO PÄRT, designed and directed by ROBERT WILSON
Music director and conductor TÕNU KALJUSTE
Lucinda Childs, Michael Theophanous
Endro Roosimäe, Erki Laur, Tatjana Kosmõnina a.o.

Associate set designer Serge von Arx, costumes Carlos Soto, lighting design AJ Weissbard
Associate director Tilman Hecker, dramaturg Konrad Kuhn


Estonian concert agency Eesti Kontsert in collaboration with Milan production company Change Performing Arts present the production of "Adam's Passion" on the music by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, directed by American director Robert Wilson. The performances will take place at Noblessner Foundry in Tallinn, on May 12th -16th, 2015.

The first ever collaboration between the two prominent artists - Pärt and Wilson, binds the creative experience and understanding of the world of two world- renowned creators. The the emotional spectacle of sound and light is based on the Pärt’s most influential music: “Adam’s Lament”, “Tabula Rasa” and “Misere”, entwined with “Sequentiae” composed specifically for the production.

Robert Wilson, a master of modern theatrical language and one of the main founders of avant-garde theatre, has remained on top of the international scene since his breakout production of “Einstein on the Beach” (with Philip Glass, 1976). Wilson has been awarded, among others, with a Pulitzer, two Premio Ubus, a Golden Lion from the Venice Biennale, and an Olivier Award.

Wilson described the staging of the piece in August 2014: "In the process of staging the "Adam's Passion", I am mostly intrigued by lighting solution. Without light there is no space, therefore it is important to find a solution full of light. I hope we will be able to reach a state of released senses in order to welcome the flow of ideas suitable for enjoying Pärt's music."

The production of “Adam’s Passion” serves to celebrate Arvo Pärt’s 80th birthday – and the Year of Music in Estonia.

The production is supported by EAS (Enterprise Estonia), BLRT Grupp, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Cultural Foundation. A documentary film and concert recording will also be produced by Accentus Music (Leipzig), ERR (Estonian National Broadcasting Company) and Eesti Kontsert.